Hi, I am a fashion photographer based in Paris and London.

I value intimacy, integrity and playfulness.

Louise Reinke grew up in different corners of the world, in Offenbach, Cairo and Kuala Lumpur.
After studies in art direction she moved from Berlin to Paris to complete her studies in photography.
She then integrated the Pinup Studios and worked for some established talents.
After an exhibition of large format prints in 2016 she decided to fully pursue her passion.

Inquiries : Hi@louisereinke.com
News : Instagram
Moving image : Vimeo
Prints : Boutique

Alek Lassement, AMA, FY, Indie, L’Officiel Brasil, L’Officiel Brasil Hommes, Material Mag, Neith Neyer, Nvrmind,
Oyster, Perinne Rousseau, Under Pressure, U+Mag, Used Future, Whitelies, Vice, Ximon Lee, Xoxo

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